Last Reviewed:  April 19, 2023

Drop Renaming How-To

If you move the files within FileCenter, there is a renaming tool that can help you to some extent.

First, set up the layout properly:

  1. Click the "Split View" button on the main toolbar. The screen will split so you can show separate locations on the top and bottom.
  2. On the top, select the cabinet/drawer that has the files you want to move. Or if the files are outside of FileCenter, click the "Explorer" button on the far right side of the cabinet tabs, just above the list of files. The top view will now change to a regular Windows Explorer view.
  3. On the bottom view, go to the cabinet/drawer/folder where you want to put the files.

Now notice the band between the top view and the bottom view. There's a field there where you can enter a filename. When you drag/drop files from the top to the bottom, they'll automatically get renamed to this filename, even if you drag/drop more than one at a time.

If you use Naming Options (Naming button on the main toolbar), those are available here too.

You'll also notice that you can specify whether the drag/drop performs a Move or a Copy using the options on the left.

Now drag files from the top into the bottom. You can drop them onto drawers, folders, or in the files list. FileCenter will automatically rename them as you drop, and add counters to the end of filenames to avoid naming conflicts.

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