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Last Reviewed:  April 5, 2022

Drawers Replicate in Other Cabinets

Some users report that when they create a new drawer, the drawer automatically shows up in some or all of their other cabinets. It doesn't matter which cabinet they create the drawer in, the others will get the drawer too.

This is simply a conceptual error, and a pretty common one.

The Problem

First, don't think of a cabinet as a "database" but rather as a "location". A cabinet is a distinct folder on your computer. The cabinet's contents get stored in that folder.

Do this:

Click the large "Cabinets" button on the main toolbar. On your list of cabinets, notice the "Location".

You'll find that your cabinets all have the same location. You've done this because you thought you were creating a cabinet IN that location, when in reality, that location IS the cabinet.

The Solution

Let's suppose you have two cabinets, A and B. You've put them both in the same location, "S:\FileCenter". In actuality, you need to give them each their own location, like this:


Each cabinet needs to have its own, distinct folder. To clarify this concept even further, please watch our short video called "Cabinets Part 1: The Basics" here:

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