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Last Reviewed:  April 5, 2022

Can FileCenter Open .MAX Files?

Many PaperPort users wonder if FileCenter can open the .max files created by PaperPort (especially older versions of PaperPort). The short answer is no, but you do have a workable option.

The Problem

PaperPort invented the .max format, and they haven't shared the details of it. That means that no other program knows how to read a .max file. In other words, the only program on the planet that can open a .max file is PaperPort.

A Workaround

Fortunately, as long as you have some version of PaperPort on your machine, you can double-click .max files in FileCenter and they'll open in PaperPort.

Probably the best solution here is the PaperPort Viewer. This is a lightweight viewer developed by PaperPort for one purpose only: to let non-PaperPort users view .max files.

The PaperPort Viewer is freely available on the web, and doesn't cost anything. Just do a Google search for PaperPort Viewer. If you can't locate a link, contact our Technical Support team. They can direct you to one.

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