What secure file sharing software is right for you?

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  • What is secure file sharing software?
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  • Why is secure file sharing software more secure?
  • How do I use secure file sharing software? How will my client get the files?
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Secure File Sharing Software Overview

How safe are your documents from prying eyes? If you send them through email, not very safe at all. Which is why many businesses are moving to secure file sharing software. What exactly is secure file sharing software? How is it better than email? Is there an easy option for small companies? Absolutely, and that option is FileCenter's Client Portal.

In this article, we'll give you the background you need and step you through the basics, then show you why we recommend the FileCenter Client Portal.

What is Secure File Sharing Software?

Secure file sharing software isn't nearly as complicated as it sounds. You need to share a file with your client. However, you don't feel comfortable emailing the file, because you need assurance that the sensitive information won't come before the wrong eyes. So you upload the file to "The Cloud" &ndash to a secure, intermediary server out on the Web. Then your client can pull the file down from that server whenever it's convenient for them. It's almost like escrow for files.

Why Shouldn't I Share Files with Email?

Consider how file-sharing has evolved into secure file sharing software:

In the beginning of the modern age, we had mail and, if you needed more speed and security, couriers. These were slow but reasonably-reliable ways to send documents to your clients. Then, shortly after the dawn of computers, we got the fax machine. It turned the document-sharing world on its head with almost instant, even if barely-legible, document sharing. The following decades would next see us reluctantly turn our attention from fax machines to email.

Once email became comfortable, it seemed like a dream. Simply attach an electronic copy of the document to an email message, click Send, and seconds later your client has the copy. At least, once we figured out how to make electronic copies. And attach them to an email. If you recall, these used to be big conceptual hurdles.

Now that we use email for everything, we have to wonder ... how secure is email, really? Given that our computers are connected to every other computer in the world and our transmissions bounce around through dozens of servers, how secure is it to send a document?

The answer: not a bit secure. Email messages aren't encrypted. Which means, simply, that any hacker between you and your client can easily view the email and the document. And you'd never know it. In other words, if you're sending sensitive documents through email, you should feel uncomfortable. In fact, most large corporations have already shifted to using secure file sharing software and you should too.

Why is Secure File Sharing Software More Secure?

In a word: encryption.

When you share a file, the secure file sharing software software encrypts the file before it leaves your computer. The file remains encrypted while stored in the Cloud. Note two significant things about this:

First, if a hacker taps into the stream while you're uploading a file, all they will get it indecypherable gibberish. Second, if a hacker breaks into the server, they will still only see files of indecypherable gibberish.

When your client finally downloads the file from the Cloud and the reaches their machine, only then does it get decrypted. The entire transmission process happened in an armored truck.

How Do I Use Secure File Sharing Software? How Will My Client Get the Files?

The right secure file sharing software software will do all of the work for you. Ideally, you will have a simple piece of software on your machine that helps you upload your file to the Cloud. At the time you upload it, you also provide the email address of the person you'd like to share the file with. And that's it. It is at least as easy as sending an email.

Next, your client will receive an email message letting them know that you have shared a file with them. The email will provide a link that they can follow and download the file. Simple as that.

If you'd like even more security, good secure file sharing software software will also allow you to require a password to access the file.

Why We Recommend the FileCenter Secure File Sharing Software

The FileCenter Client Portal is available as a stand-alone application or you can use it within the FileCenter document management software. The client portal makes it effortless to upload files, share files, and manage all aspects of your file sharing. There is no limit to the number of clients you can share files with. This is one secure file sharing software package that is as easy to use as email. Download a free trial today!