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  • How to Convert a Word Document to PDF Perfectly

    Since TT Smith invented the first two-prong electric plug in 1883, people have disagreed about which plug type should be the standard. While the original type A two-prong design and type B three-prong design are the unimpeachable standards for North …

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  • Erase in PDF

    PDF has become the standard file format for storing and passing around documents that need to 1) look the same on any computer, and 2) not change. That second feature is why we get bank statements, receipts, official letters, etc. …

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  • Make a Transparent Signature

    Anyone can create a transparent signature for “signing” PDF documents. No special software is required. In this article, we will walk you through how to create the signature, then how to use your transparent signature to sign PDF documents. Key …

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