Uploading Files

Once you've set up your folders on the Portal, you can upload the file(s) you want to share:

  1. Select the Files tab in the Portal interface
  2. Navigate to the folder where you want to put the file(s) (to learn how to navigate folders, see Managing Folders)
  3. Click Upload Files
  4. Click Add Files to select files to upload
  5. Select one or more files
  6. To add more files from other locations, click Add Files again; continue until you've selected all of the files you want to upload
  7. Select Shared With > Users
  8. Set the default permissions for the file(s)
  9. Click Start Upload to upload the file(s)
  10. As soon as the upload completes, the file(s) will appear in the Portal

If you haven't already done so, you should now share the folder of files with a client (guest).

IMPORTANT: The original file on your machine and the copy in the Portal are not linked to each other. The Portal holds an independent copy of the file.