Setting Up Folders

Before you can upload files to the Portal and begin sharing, you need to create some folders on the Portal. Why? The folders help to organize your shared files. In fact, instead of sharing files you will share folders. This makes it very easy to manage your shares.

For example, suppose you have a dozen files to share with a client. Instead of sharing each file individually, you can upload them all to the same folder then simply share the whole folder. Going forward, if you have other files to share, you can upload into the same folder and the files will immediately become available to your client.

You are required to use folders in the Portal.

How to Create Folders

Creating folders is simple:

  1. Click the Files tab at the top of the Portal
  2. The new folder can be a "top-level" folder (a "main" folder), or it can be a sub-folder of the folder you're currently viewing (to learn how to navigate folders, see Managing Folders)
  3. Click New Folder on the right
  4. Give the folder a name
  5. Select Shared With > Users
  6. Set the default permissions for the folder
  7. Click Create

Your new folder will show up in the list. You can now upload files into the folder, or you can share the folder with guests. It does not matter which one you do first.

Managing Folders

You should put some thought into how you name and organize your folders in the Portal. Our topic Managing Folders can give you some guidance.