Sharing Files

Once you've set up your folders on the Portal, you can share them with your clients. Remember that we refer to your clients as "guests" in the system.

As stated elsewhere, you share entire folders with your guests, not individual files. But what if a folder has many subfolders? Your guest will have access to all of them and all of the files in them. So bear this in mind as you set up your sharing.

To share a folder:

  1. Select the Files tab in the Portal interface
  2. Click Share next to the folder you want to share
  3. Begin entering the email address of the person you want to share with
  4. If you've shared with this guest before, their name will appear; click it
  5. Set any special permissions you'd like (see below)
  6. Click Send

Those guests will now have access to that folder, contingent upon any special permissions that you set. They will receive an email notifying them that you've shared files. The email will include instructions for accessing the files.

Special Permissions

You can grant any of the following permissions when you share a folder:

Allow Uploads to This Folder
If you choose to allow uploads, this means that your guest can also upload files into the folder. This creates two-way sharing between you and your guest, where you can both freely upload files for each other. The default behavior is that your guest can only download from the Portal.
Set Expiration Date
You can automatically cut off your guest's access to the share on a given date. If you don't set an expiration date, your guest will have ongoing access until you revoke or delete the share.
You can assign a password to the share. However, this isn't usually recommended. Instead, we recommend you assign the password to your guest. To understand the difference, see Understanding Passwords.