Understanding Passwords

To ensure that only your guest can access the shared folders, it's possible to assign passwords. You can do this on two different levels: guest passwords and folder passwords.

Guest Passwords

While not required, you are allowed to have passwords for your guests. This is a convenient way to have a single password that your guest will use for everything you've shared with them.

For example, suppose that you have a client you share documents with regularly. You have given this guest their own password. Every time you share something with this guest, their password will work to access it. In other words, they only have to remember one password which will give them access to every document you share with them, now and in the future. From your perspective, you don't need to worry about creating and applying passwords every time you share a document. The guest password will always be in effect automatically.

  1. Select the Guests tab in the Portal
  2. Create a new guest, or ...
  3. Click the pencil icon next to the guest
  4. Select Password Enabled

You now have two options. You can choose a password for the guest or you can let them choose their own password.

To assign a password to the guest, enter it in the Password field. You will need to let the guest know what the password is.

To let the guest pick their own password, leave the Password field blank. The system will automatically send them a link instructing them how to set up their password.

Resetting the Password

If your guest forgets their password, you can reset it for them. You can either manually enter a new password in the Password field, or you can delete their password, in which case the system will automatically send them an email instructing them how to reset their password.

Folder Passwords

As an alternative to guest passwords, you can assign a share its own password. While we normally recommend assigning passwords to your guests, sometimes you may want the quick convenience of putting the password directly on the share itself.

Note that the password will only apply to that guest on that specific folder.

If you haven't uploaded the item yet, do so now (see Uploading Files). Then do the following:

  1. Go to the Files tab in the Portal
  2. Navigate to the item
  3. Click Share next to it
  4. Enter the guest you're sharing with, or ...
  5. Click the pencil icon next to the guest's name if you've already shared with them
  6. Click Security Settings
  7. Select Require Password
  8. Enter the password

Note that you need to give the password to your guest; the system won't send it automatically.

What if I Assign a Guest Password and a Folder Password?

Where there are two passwords in place – both a guest password and a folder password — the guest password should be used. A guest password will always override a folder password.