Managing Your Shares

This topic will describe how to manage your shares after they've been added. To add a share, see Sharing Files.

Seeing Your Shares

There are two ways to see your shares in the Portal interface: by folder or by guest.

Viewing Your Shares by Folder

While you browse your folders and files in the Files tab of the Portal interface, you'll notice a Share button next to each one. If that button is green, it means the item is currently being shared. Click that button to see a list of the guests who have access to the share.

Viewing Your Shares by Guest

To see all of the items a given guest has access to, click the Guests tab at the top of the Portal interface. Here you'll see a list of guests along with the items you've shared with each one.

Editing a Share's Settings

Whicheve method you use to see who has access to an item, you'll see a pencil icon to the right. Click that icon to change the permissions on the share. For a description of the permissions, see Sharing Files.

Revoking a Person's Access

To revoke a person'a access to a share, simply click the trash can icon to the right. This will delete their access. It does not delete the folder itself.

Re-Sending the Email Notification

When you share a folder with someone, the Portal automatically sends them an email to let them know along with instructions for accessing the folder.

If you need to have that email re-sent, view the share with either method above. Click the pencil icon to the right, then select Resend.