Amazon Review – My Office is Now 400 lbs Lighter

5.0 out of 5 starsMy Office is Now 400 lbs Lighter

By Miles W. Cheatham III

It is amazing to realize just how much paper you can amass over the course of 15 years. I’m not talking about anything other than the bare bones basics: Bills, Pay Stubs, Taxes, Mortgages, and etc. In just over 15 years I was working on filling my seventh 4-drawer filing cabinet. Finally, I decided that enough was enough and I began digesting all the pertinent information I could find on creating a paperless office.

I had most of what I needed to tackle this job; but I was completely lost on which database I needed to purchase. I read every product review that I could find on this category of product. The most impressive product by a long shot was FileCenter 7 Professional. This product had all the features that I could ever ask for and try as I might I could find nothing negative written anywhere about this product. Based on this research I bought FileCenter 7 Professional approximately four months ago and spent approximately 3 days scanning and organizing every scrap of paper I had in those filing cabinets. Currently I have only one-half of one drawer in a 2-drawer filing cabinet filled.

I can heartily recommend FileCenter 7 Professional to anyone looking for either a replacement for Adobe Acrobat or looking to take on a similar paperless project. So much so, that I plan to upgrade to FileCenter 8 Professional.