A PaperPort Software Alternative Option That Should Not be Overlooked

What exactly is PaperPort software? PaperPort is used with scanners and transforms documents into text. In theory, this solution is quite beneficial for those looking to organize their office and dramatically reduce clutter. All of this sounds great in theory. But in practice, unfortunately, there have been problems, leading to the need for a PaperPort software alternative.

People love the idea of PaperPort software, but in the actual application, a myriad of problems have been revealed. For example, many people have gotten quite excited about using PaperPort only to end up removing the software due to the fact that it negatively impacts PC performance. Computer crashes and slow computer speeds often result from PaperPort. This leaves many people feeling as though they have no alternative but to remove the PaperPort software from their computers.

PaperPort Software Problems and Issues

There are other substantial problems with PaperPort. At the top of the list is that there have been complaints that the company that makes PaperPort doesn’t provide enough customer support. This is, of course, a substantial problem for software that people rely upon to get their jobs done. Not to mention, the software has a track record of having problems, such as crashing and causing computer slow downs. It is no real shock that people who need to transform their documents into text are eager to find viable, stable and robust alternatives to PaperPort software.

The PaperPort Alternative: FileCenter is Stable and Easy to Use

FileCenter is an exceptional replacement for PaperPort software. Why are people so excited about FileCenter? Through FileCenter, it is possible to quickly and easily organize, archive and search files, and you can do it all without the problems so often associated with PaperPort. FileCenter is known for its stability and does not tax PC performance. In short, there is now a a powerful and highly functional new tool designed or those in need of a software to turn documents into text.

FileCenter Helps You Get Organized

Thanks to FileCenter, it is possible to scan important documents quickly and then organize those documents into “electronic file cabinets.” The FileCenter solution makes it possible to organize your scans, computer files and e-mails all together, making information retrieval a fast and streamlined process. FileCenter also allows for the easy creation and manipulation of PDFs. You can to pull text from a paper document and put it into word. Plus, FileCenter has great preview and search functions.

Want to share your documents without any hassle? FileCenter can do that too! Share documents via FileCenter in a secure fashion and with the click of a mouse. FileCenter simply works, and the software has been designed to anticipate user needs.

There is no replacement for being organized. The power of the PC to help you organize your information is simply tremendous, but you need the right software for the job. Solutions that are not stable are “hog” resources and are not truly viable. What you need is a way to transform all of your important documents into text and do so with ease and without interfering with the performance of your computer. FileCenter solves an array of problems and will help you get more organized and productive!